stories. for grownups.

Storytelling and Workshops

Pat’s “Storytelling For Grownups” comes to life in small venues like community centers, women’s gatherings, libraries and assisted living facilities. Storytelling workshops also help others tell their own stories with pizazz.

Story Coaching

After more than 30 years of writing and telling stories from her own life, Pat put down her pen, quit her writing groups, and stopped booking storytelling gigs. This is how she began her work of bringing out the stories of others.

True Tales Live

True Tales Live on Portsmouth Public Media TV is like going to storytelling school: travel to foreign places, experience different cultures, identify with the losses and loves of others in this ever-expanding community of shared stories — both on and off the air.

One-Woman Shows

About Pat

“A good story has been the whole story of my working career.” For over 30 years, Pat Spalding adapted folktales, fairytales, and myths for performance, wrote stories and plays and earned her living as a puppeteer. But life stories have always interested her most.

People Are Talking

Could you hear the lovely audible gasp when you finished? Very moving.

Mimi White


My goodness, it made me want to go skiing, and listen to fantastic music, and tell my family that I love them!

Leslie Pasternack

theatre director and playwright

I had an extremely cathartic experience because of your humorous an oh-so human acting and storytelling. … I could laugh (and cry).

Mark Cullen

audience member

… a compelling spell, so vivid, emotionally truthful, and real.

Stephanie Nugent

producer of ACT ONE Theatre Festival