Story Coaching

“Hey, what’s your story?”

Papa's crewWhether a memoir, a family story, or a tale of transition and adventure — all good stories have emotional stakes. What does yours explore? Truth or deceit? Greed, confusion, vanity, bravery, anger, or fear? Pat will help you find the stakes in your story and assist in crafting it with a beginning that captivates, a middle that builds interest, and an ending that satisfies.

Each client meets with Pat for an initial two-hour session. After discussing the story or story idea, the teller will take a deep breath and begin. Pat listens to the whole story, gives feedback about what works, then asks to hear it in smaller sections. She and the teller will focus on the story scene-by-scene. Scenes may retold, sometimes in a different order, to build the story’s arc. “Mainly I listen for what works and for what confuses me. I share notes and suggestions and do my best to assist each story and its teller to thrive.”

KAA_croppedPat believes that stories have a life of their own and that — before a teller can truly own his or her story — it must be given away to the listeners. By listening closely to the stories of others, she has become well-practiced in hearing the content of what a teller is saying. And, as an extra bonus, Pat finds that she can better hear what her own stories say.

The length of a coaching session can be increased or decreased after the initial two-hours. Two clients, who are comfortable with each other, can make arrangements to share a session. Although most of her coaching is done face-to-face in a comfortable environment, Pat is available for follow-up by email and/or by phone. Please see the workshop description for more details.