TTR_PatStorytelling for Grownups

“Storytelling For Grownups” can be adapted to suit formal or informal venues. Pat’s stories and shows come to life in small theatres and community centers, at women’s groups and conferences, house parties, libraries, and in assisted living communities.

Her repertoire includes a range of universal themes such as Motherhood & Mentoring, Taking Chances, Letting Go, Aging Playfully, Looking Back, or Looking Forward to Decide What’s Next. Tailoring her programs for each different audience, Pat assembles a selection of stories that are sure to strike the right chord.

To engage your group even further, Pat offers post-show Question & Answer sessions, or short storytelling workshops in which she assists a few individuals in crafting their stories to be told with pizazz.

Storytelling Workshops

Everyone brings a first-person experience story or an idea for one. Whether the story has been previously written or is made up on the spot, each participant will tell it — rather than read it.

DotSpring1956As a writer, Pat understands that writing can help organize thoughts and the arc of a story, but experience has taught her that it’s better tell off the page than from it. “As a listener, I appreciate the spontaneity of voice and action that comes through stories that have been learned by speaking them out loud rather than by practicing them from a script. So we’ll learn and practice our stories by telling them to each other.”

Workshop participants are encouraged to experiment with different tones of voice in dialogue and narration, and at various speeds of delivery. “Flailing arms, making faces, exaggerating, and shouting a story to the walls can help cut the story loose from its teller to give it a life of its own. Later, that same story can be toned down and told conversationally, as if to a friend … or to a non-judgmental cat. Telling your story to a cat may provide improvisational opportunities otherwise overlooked.”

Good storytellers are good listeners. Attentive listening is important to the craft of a story. In her workshops, Pat creates a relaxed and encouraging environment that gives equal time for all participants to tell, to listen, and to learn from each other.